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We Invented Notion UI/IX

Self-service, single-source-of-truth, cross-functional, collaborative workspaces.
Built like an app within your workspace. Piece of cake.


The Perspectives Method levels up Notion. Its all about separating your data from the view of your data. Up until now, Notion workspaces were built by using the data page itself to view data and this constrained the way users could navigate their data. Users constantly had to switch between being the user of their system and the developer of their system. Now, that’s all changed. Put the developer hat down and enjoy a well-crafted application within Notion.


Fast moving teams are attracted to Notion as a robust collaborative platform but quickly get bottlenecked as users create a disjointed, dissimilar, and silo’d operating systems. Perspectives establishes a standard UI/UX with modular capabilities. New teams are set up in minutes. New applications are deployed without having to open a database. Infinite variations of how to slice your data are now unlocked and easier than ever. And it all feels like you’re using proprietary software just for you – because you are.

Data Federation

Notion shines with collaboration. Whether for personal or professional work, sharing information has never been easier and honestly, so enjoyable. But an all-in-one tool does not mean one pool of information for all to see. Perspectives provides an intuitive solution for keeping data federated for only those that need to see it, while providing a canvas to display data from across multiple permission sets. Leveraging teamspaces, private databases, and even cross-workspace data – create an uncompromising single source of truth.

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