Your internal operating system should drive efficiency,
not cost.

The Perspectives Method is a proven way to add value to your company and decrease your bottom line.

Operational debt is a cost to companies big and small

Knowledge workers spend 26% of their time searching for and consolidating information. Only 56% of the time do they find the information they need (Bain)

Streamlining communication, fostering transparency and making information accessible drives a 21% increase in profitability & a 59% reduction in employee turnover. (McKinsey)

The average startup of 30 FTE has 100+ SaaS Tools creating a proliferation of decentralized data.

Organize your business using Notion State’s CompanyOS, a leading Notion consulting service provider. Our CompanyOS system is designed to scale your organization from 1 employee and 1 team to 1000 employees across 20 teams. Say goodbye to operational inefficiencies and hello to intuitive and scalable solutions that help your team save time finding information, managing projects, working remotely, and conducting work asynchronously. Learn more about Notion for Business and how our expert consultants can help optimize your organization today.

Company HQ

The HQ page is your company’s internal landing page. From here users can:

  • Post company announcements
  • See progress on organizational OKRs
  • Connect to any TeamOS

Your HQ combines pages, blocks, and databases in a clean UI to provide the ultimate notion UX for your team members.


The TeamOS is how teams stay connected without having to meet live. Team Members can:

  • Access data relevant to your team – projets, resources, tasks, or meeting notes.
  • Access team-specific data (e.g., Performance Management data for Talent), you can house & access them here
  • Jump to the WorkOS of any individual on the team

Your TeamOS is your team’s asynchronous conference room.


Every team member gets their own WorkOS. Most of a user’sdaily needs can be access from their WorkOS. Users can:

  • View any database item related to them – projects, tasks, resources, meeting notes
  • Eliminate the paper checklist by managing tasks in their WorkOS
  • Share their workOS with their manager/team members to eliminate daily touchpoints

The WorkOS is your team member’s one-stop shop to manage their day to day.