The Dream Team

Notion State brings together an unparalleled combination of experience to offer premiere Notion Consulting services.

Josh is certified by Notion itself as one of a handful of Notion Certified Consultants. With product expertise and innovation, Josh is the creator of the Perspectives Methodology, a proprietary approach to Notion UI/UX that Notion State clients can expect at scale for the best-in-class experience of Notion.

Bryan brings a decade of traditional management consulting experience from his tenure at Deloitte. With a mind for business operations across the strategic and tactical spectrum, Bryan connects the dots across teams creating clarity to drive efficient workflows for your company.

This duo of talent means Notion State isn’t an in-and-out template delivery service. Notion State takes on the role of an embedded team dedicated to creating a bespoke solution that allows for boots on the ground operations to align with strategic goals and aspirations. Notion State supports change management, training, and customization along the way giving you confidence that the team is on it.

Josh Redd
Founder, Head of Product

About Me

I’m an adventurer/creative turned entrepreneur. Playing drums, I toured over 30 countries in my 20’s spending over 2 years collectively outside the US. I’ve been a competition-winning barista, an Unsplash featured photographer, a freelance videographer, a podcaster, and now a Certified Notion Consultant. Most importantly, I’ve been married to my wife Ashley since 2020 and we currently live in Kansas City, home of the Super Bowl Champions! And we have a cat named Bo.

On Notion

Something about Notion clicked. Once I discovered its capabilities, It was like my thoughts could be made real. But not just my thoughts, for the first time the structure of the way I think was able to be manifested outside my head – that’s a powerful experience!

I’m obsessed with mapping thought using Notion. Even more so when I think about how a collective group can create something special together when they share the same medium of thought. Notion is the common denominator of thought.

Bryan Takayama
Co-Founder, Head of Business

About Me

Farm boy turned city boy turned digital nomad. I spent the first 10 years of my professional career working for a management consulting firm running project management, business development, and product management teams. After meeting my wife, Caleigh, and her having numerous brushes with mortality due to health issues, I said goodbye to the corporate world and focused on building businesses that could sustain us while we make the most of our time. We are full-timing it in our 80-square-foot home on wheels traveling the world while working on building Notion State, Fight2Breathe, and the Adventures of Bryan and Caleigh.

On Notion

While I was hesitant when first presented with the blank canvas of Notion, once I got the hang of how the legos worked, the world opened up to me. Having experienced countless project management systems failures and the effects of SaaS product proliferation across companies I worked for and their clients, I started to see Notion as a key to it all. Just about every company stands to benefit from a well-designed Notion operating system.

I now use Notion for nearly everything I do – life planning, content creation, project management, travel planning, and work!