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Contact: Caleigh Haber // CEO

About the Client

Fight2Breathe is a social media platform for cystic fibrosis and rare disease warriors, transplant survivors, caregivers, and providers


Fight2Breathe historically operated in an ad hoc fashion. When an idea came up, it was either executed then or never executed. Content was created when the energy was there and wasn’t created when it was not. This wasn’t because the CEO didn’t want to get the work done, but because she didn’t have a system in place to help her manage her goals.


Services Provided

☑️ Workspace Design

☑️ Workspace Implementation

☑️ Training and Education

☑️ Workspace Management

☑️ Chief Notion Officer

The Client’s Problem

Fight2Breathe is an advocacy platform created by an individual living with cystic fibrosis. The founder, has had 2 double lung transplants, numerous heart surgeries and has many other health implications. Her platform has over 100k followers across various media platforms and Fight2Breathe partners with non-profits, local businesses, and major brands. Organizing her content and connections in one place is a feat in itself, but adding health issues that create weeks to months of setbacks to the mix is a recipe for lost information, missed deadlines, and redundancy. Fight2Breathe required an organizational operating system to bring everything into one place that was user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing (by client demand!).

Our Solution

I worked with Fight2Breathe’s founder to develop a comprehensive understanding of her goals and needs. Following this conversation, I build the following workspace components:

  • Project and Task Tracker: A project database with a relational property in a task database enabling Fight2Breathe to build high-level projects and break them into small pieces in the task database
  • Content Calendar: Fight2Breathe is posting 1-3 posts a day. This content calendar enabled the organization to plan. Instead of doing everything off the cuff, this calendar view provided the founder a canvas to see what she could post and when helping her get ahead of the ball.
  • Digital Rolodex for Partnerships and Brands: It wasn’t uncommon that Fight2Breathe would forget about a previous partnership or lose a contact and need to search gmail for hours to find it. Her Digital Rolodex solves this with the added bonus of adding reminders to reach out every quarter or year to re-up the partnership
  • Brainstorming scratchpad: The freedom of a blank canvas is critical to Fight2Breathe’s success. Building this component is was an absolute requirement. The key to this is ensuring things don’t get lost on the scratch pad. I worked with the founder to build a workflow (and habit) to organize the data at the end of a brainstorm to either archive or build into a project plan.
  • Landing page to bring this all together: Notion isn’t an organizational lifesaver if it doesn’t have a dashboard. Fight2Breathe’s dashboard encompasses this entire workspace enabling the founder to accomplish 99% of what she needs to do in the tool in this one, single space.



Partnership Revenue is up 600% since implementing this OS

Recurring Use

Fight2Breathe’s dashboard has been used daily for the past 50 days!


Fight2Breathe has over 20 projects and 100 tasks in progress